Friday, September 10, 2010

Questions I am Asking Myself

This is a list of questions I am trying to answer over recent months/years. Of course, many of the books that I have "happened" upon in this time seem to speak directly to some of these questions. I love it when God works in my daily life that way! It gets me excited; it keeps me moving! Think about some of these questions HONESTLY. If you aren't being honest with yourself, then why bother with any belief? Anyway, would love to see some comments on some of these.
  1. Do you believe you are honest with yourself
  2. Do you even KNOW yourself - as a human, created in the image of God, as God's creation living in a fallen world, as a sinful person needing grace/forgiveness
  3. Who is Jesus and who is God
  4. Do you KNOW God
  5. Is it really as easy as "just accept Jesus" or does the cross require/expect more
  6. What is the church
  7. Do you believe you live this idea of "the church" out (honestly)
  8. Why has Jesus not returned
  9. What is your purpose, God's will for you
  10. Are you more aligned with God's will or the culture you live in
  11. What would happen if you truly lived as Christ's church
  12. Do you believe you are on the "narrow way", or are you walking with everyone else on the "wide path"
  13. Do you need to wake up to life
  14. Do you live a life that reflects "to live is Christ and to die is gain"? Do you remember the context of when Paul wrote those words?
  15. Is our country founded on Christian principles - really?
  16. What does it mean that government is "appointed" by God? - Rom 13
  17. Can a Christian nation even exist
  18. Who "rules" the governments of the world
  19. Is Christ different in every culture? Does His message need to change for every culture?
  20. What is the Kingdom of God
  21. Are the world's governments part of the Kingdom of God - Can they be?
  22. How do the Cross, Christ's love and sacrifice mesh with "justified" war, like say the crusades?
  23. What are you willing to fight for, what are you willing to die for and would Christ fight/die for those things? How would Christ fight/die for those things?

  24. How would you respond to someone who threatened you, your family? Is that how Christ would respond (think about Peter cutting of the ear of Jesus' arresting party and Jesus' response)


Duane said...

Would love to know some of the books you've read recently, and I've got some good ones I'd love to share with you. I wish I read faster. There are so many books I want to read. So many books, so little time.