Saturday, September 18, 2010

Choices, Choices, Choices, Decisions, Decisions

I thought maybe it would be good to go back a while and recount the points of clarity I have experienced over the last year. These are the points in time where I believe God has clearly moved me, spoken to me, however best you want to say that. Along with simply reviewing those points in time, I also thought it would be good to think about the choices and decisions I have made from being in those moments. Here goes.

The first of these moments came during one of my company's sales kick-off events in Toronto. We had an extremely gifted story teller as our keynote speaker. Andy Andrews spoke for what I think was around an hour, thought I know for certain I would have stayed there for two days fully engaged in his words. The main point of his message for us was simply this: choose who you want to be and take action to be that person. I already knew of his book "The Traveller's Gift" prior to this event, but afterwards I indeed picked up the book and read it. I read it faster than just about any other book I have ever had in my hands. The point of the book is discovery of seven principals of a great life. Again, these principals are centered on making choices and decisions, intentionally. This book was a huge inspiration to me. For months after reading it, I took the suggestions (no I am not giving those here, read the book) to heart and put them to work. I CHOSE daily, hourly to be what I wanted to be. I chose to smile even when I didn't want to. I chose to take FULL responsibility for myself. While doing this, I noticed that my circumstance didn't seem to matter so much. And my circumstances at that point in time were rather dire and VERY stressful. Great timing there God!

The next moment was again while I was travelling. I was in Orlando for a few customer meetings. I had, unfortunately let the inspiration of the 7 principals fade and I was struggling to find purpose for what I was doing. I woke up in the morning at about 4:15, which I NEVER do. A movie was just starting on the TV, and it was a movie I had not seen, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Imporium. Now, while this movie certainly puts across some not so Godly perspectives, God's word came to me through this movie. That message was this: Childlike faith; childlike awe and wonder; Belief that ANYTHING is possible. I had long forgotten how to look at things with fresh wonderment. I seriously was in tears watching this movie. As I watched Molly Mahoney, I couldn't help but feel such a deep pain as the world stole from her the belief in the impossible and her since of awe. In some ways, yes it was pain for that character as I watched the movie, but the tears were because I had made my own choice to allow the world to steal that from my life. God no longer impressed me. God no longer sparked awe in me. And at that point, I knew, remembered what I was missing. I wanted it back right then. What was best about that timing was the email I received right after the movie ended. Through blurry eyes I read the cancellation of my day's meetings. So, I spent the rest of the morning begging God for forgiveness and restoration. I asked for restoration to that childlike wonderment. And, as always when a broken person asks, God answers quickly. Immediately I saw the world again with new eyes. I again was able to choose to see everything each day as new and ready to be God's wonderful creation.

Of course over time I have let that inspiration fade as well. However, the good news here is that those moments (along with many others in recent months) are so vivid in my memories. I can, as I am doing now reflect on them and gain some of that inspiration again. More than this though, I am much more aware of EVERY decision I make. I am focused on not just these "grand" moments where God forces His words back on me, but I am looking at every point and trying to look at each moment in God's view. I was never a fan of the whole WWJD craze, but that is where I am today. What would Jesus do? Not just in general, but in every moment of every day, what would Jesus do? This is transforming me more deeply, more completely, and more quickly than anything ever has done for me before. And I feel more alive now than at any point I can remember. Each choice, each decision is an opportunity for awe, wonder, amazement and joy! Keep it coming God!!!!