Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Can I Move a Mountain?

In Matthew 17:20-21, Jesus has one of those moments that I wish I could be there to see his expression as he makes fun of his disciples a little bit. I can picture him sipping a cup of water, eating a little snack just after casting out a demon from a boy. His disciples come over a little put off that he so easily gave the K.O. to the demon that they were not able to even land a punch on. They ask the question he was all too ready to answer for them, (paraphrased a bit from verse 19) "um, so, Jesus…um, why do you think…you know, your disciples, couldn't cast out that little demon?" I see Jesus still holding that cup and bread, not even looking up simple say with a smirk or a laugh, "you got no faith boys!"

I feel pretty good that scene could be made into quite the comedy sketch in a sit-com today. But the really funny part could be the next verse where Jesus tells them with just faith as small as a mustard seed they could move a mountain and NOTHING WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE. Can't you just see those disciples grabbing up a couple of mustard seeds and standing in front of the Mount of Olives?

I do wonder though, how many times do I stand in front of my mountain of problems and yell at them to get out of my way with no result. I also look at those mountains and think to myself, I know I have at least a little faith. Why am I still fighting to get this mountain moved? Sadly, I believe the answer is I really don't have mustard seed faith. Don't get me wrong, I believe with all I am that Jesus is the crucified, raised, son of God. My problem is this: I am not as certain that I believe God will move mountains for me. It pains me to say that because I do believe there is nothing greater than God. So clearly he COULD move mountains for me. So, I guess what my lack of faith in this says is that I must believe God doesn't care too much for my daily struggles.

Hmm. So many places to go from there. Let's go here. If I take all of scripture into view, that statement that God isn't too concerned with my daily struggles really isn't a big deal. After all, Paul, the great apostle who received a direct revelation from the ascended Christ, asked over and over for a mountain to be removed from his way, but God refused him. The whole of God's word seems to indicate that it is that bigger picture, the biggest mountains of salvation that can be moved. Look at Matthew 19:23-24 again. That is a mountain moving situation, a salvation issue. That is what Jesus was all about, seeking and saving the lost. All else was of no concern to him. Therefore, I have to imagine when he says just a little faith makes moving mountains possible, he is referring to our salvation.

I kind of hate saying that, because I know a lot of people aren't going to agree with it. A lot of people will flat out get on me about this too. I am really becoming more aware, however, of how different my "learned" view of God and Jesus seem to be from what I see in God's word. I have always looked at what God was doing for me or to me. That is NOT the Biblical view. The Biblical, Christ-like model is more in tune with J.F.K's famous words, "it's not what your God can do for you, but what you can do for your God." Of course, I modified that a bit. Christ's most passionate prayers while sweating blood say it best, "yet not as I will, but as you will." It is NOT about me, it is ALL about God's glory.

So, YES! I can move mountains. Just not always the mountains I want to move or think need to be moved. That is, unless my vision is God's vision. Then the only mountains I will care to move will be the ones that show his glory to the world. Those truly impossible mountains, the ones that cannot be moved any other way. The mountains that stand in the way of the lost coming to him.